About Us

It is hard to put into words how this all started.  Sam has a culinary background since high school and is always creating and sharing his passion of food with his friends and family.  He always wanted to do something with food…it was literally his dream since he was young. I recall stories of his sister calling their mom complaining because Sam was watching some food show.  He still does to this day but I don’t call his mom and complain.

While dating, Sam and I renovated a home we could start our new chapter in.  After a long evening of hanging drywall, insulating, painting, getting engaged or whatever we accomplished that day, we would go to our favorite local restaurant and 9 times out of 10, we enjoyed a hoagie along with our favorite adult beverage.  Honestly, if we could have had hoagies at our wedding for our dinner without judgement, we totally would have…I’m sure my dad would have appreciated that.

Fast forward many years later, we are bringing our mission, vibe, and promise to you.


Our Mission

Bring joy to your community, your neighborhood, your workplace, your home…you catch our drift, right? 


Our Vibe

We literally dream it, then create it…just try those tidbits


Our Promise

We cannot promise to fix all your problems but we can promise you a delicious hoagie


Enough about us, go get yourself a hoagie! Remember:

choose happiness, chews #hoagies

Artwork by Ethan Hostetler